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 Investment Pool Villa Business 
Opportunity to generate stable income There are tourist customers throughout the year.
location"Dragon Belly"The value increases every year
no time, inconvenient management We have a home care team. Marketing to renting and deliver income to you every month

  release money to work instead and let tourists pay off your home 

Q: How to invest?
Choose 2 types of conditions   REEVA POOL VILLA

How to invest in REEVA POOL VILLA:

The project offers two investment options:

Option 1:

  • Reserve a plot for 20,000 baht (applicable to all types)

  • Sign a contract to build the house for 300,000 baht

  • Pay a monthly down payment of 30,000 baht for 6 months (totaling 180,000 baht)

  • Pay the remaining balance in full upon house completion (totaling 500,000 baht)

  • The house construction period is 10-12 months.

Loan approval process:

  • The project will conduct a credit check for 7-15 days after receiving all necessary documents.

  • If the loan application is rejected, the project will refund the full reservation amount (20,000 baht) within 7 days.

  • If the loan application is pre-approved, proceed to step 2.1.

Step 2.1:

  • Pay a deposit of 300,000 baht for Type A and B houses within 2 weeks.

  • Pay a deposit of 20% for Type C houses.

Step 2.2:

  • One month after paying the deposit, start paying a monthly down payment of 30,000 baht for 6 months (totaling 180,000 baht).

  • The house construction period is 10-12 months.

Step 2.3:

  • When the house is 90% complete, the project will re-submit the loan application to the customer's bank or the project's bank.

  • The project will submit the full house price to the bank (100%).

  • The customer will receive a refund of the previously paid deposit, either in full or based on the approved loan amount.

Option 2:

  • Pay a 30% down payment of the house price.

  • Pay the remaining balance in 12 equal installments over 1 year with 0% interest.

  • The house construction period is 10-12 months.


Q: How is the return? 
A: Our return will be calculated from actual income and expenses. Approximately according to the table below. Depending on the number of days that people stay in, the project will take care of the customer service and cleaning for a fee on a case-by-case basis. The service fee is 1,600 baht – 1,700 baht. Assuming the customer stays two nights but calls once, the project will charge 1,600 baht – 1,700 baht per time.

And the marketing part of the project focuses on teaching and renting out to all types of homeowners. Whether it's online, through the support agency, and using the marketing outsource service that specializes in finding customers to take care of homeowners. Set up a system that is easy to manage and can be a sustainable income for you.

For example, the income table

Friday - Saturday, the rental price for tourists is 8,900 baht per day minus the cleaning fee of 1,600 baht - 1,700 baht.
down to 7,300 baht - 7,200 baht / day and does not include weekdays that customers can come to stay (Sunday - Thursday, total 15 days)
as well

  part of theMarket   

   1. There are more than 100 support agencies where customers can directly contact the agency.
   2. The project is willing to teach how to make pages. and making advertisements on Facebook for customers and teaching online marketing  
      (free of charge)
   3. The project has a sheet system behind the house. for coordination between homeowners, housewives and agencies in contacting and booking houses
      each time.
   4. The project can explain the pricing system. Daily house rental and collection of payments and steps
      in the reservation to the landlord as well.
   5. The project can provide knowledge via Google Ads to homeowners.
   6. The project can teach home advertising through Agoda, Booking, etc. (without any cost).
   7. The project teaches and advises guidelines for promoting and content on YouTube channels as well.
   8. Homeowners can stay with unlimited days of stay. because the project is considered the right of the homeowner. Let them know that the landlord will stay. to prevent problems in the booking of with the owner of the house.
   9. If homeowners are not comfortable doing their own ads The project can contact Marketing Outsource partners to take care of the page and advertise on your behalf.

Q: What expenses are you responsible for?
A: After buying a pool villa There will be expenses as detailed below:

1. Maid management service fee, fixed price, each time  1,600 baht – 1,700 baht  take care of the following:
   - Customer Service Check in – Check out  
   - Collect customer insurance.
   - Check the house before refunding customer insurance.
   - Teaching how to use home equipment 
   - Includes laundry and cleaner.
*If the owner of the house stays by himself, there will be a service charge of 1,400 baht (cleaning fee and laundry)


2. Common management fee Common fee is 25 baht per square wa.  The project takes care of the following parts 
   - 24 hour security guard
   - There is a police patrol taking care of the .
   - Road cleanliness and trees throughout the project.
   - Technician coordinator
   - Take care of the project's waste point.
*Common fees paid to every project  1 year

3. Management fee in part of Landlord 
   - Common fee 25 baht per square wah  
   - Maid cleaning fee 1,600 baht – 1,700 baht / time
   - Pool cleaning fee 2,000 baht / month
   - Lawn mowing fee (according to the volume of the job)   You can call for service on a case-by-case basis.
   - Water bill - electricity bill according to the state meter.
   - Internet value   according to the bill of that network.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A:  The policy of the REEVA POOL VAILLA project will not guarantee income for customers. But it will teach homeowners how to do real business in a sustainable manner so that homeowners know how, systems and procedures for renting out their own homes.  and the project will have a team to support the homeowner in various aspects as well  because 90% of homeowners are not insiders. area We therefore facilitate this part for our residents.


in the pool villa business A guarantee means buying something more expensive than it should be. too much will be taken as a guarantee gradually returned to the homeowner within the specified period which we focus on the truth of the business which cannot be guaranteed

Does the price of this house include a pool?
   House price Type  A
   house with pool   starting at 6.9 million, land starting at 90 sq m, usable area 217 sq m.
   House price Type  B
   house with pool   starting at 8.2 million, land starting at 100 sq m, usable area 265 sq m.

   House price Type  C   
   house with pool  starting at 9.8 million, land starting at 100 square wa. Usable area 3 m.

Q: Is the price of the house ready to decorate?

A: The project has 2 types of prices for customers to choose from. 

  type 1 The price of the house does not include decorations. Free items below.

          - Free solar cell, save electricity 200,000 baht

          - Free large size slider 150,000 baht

          - Water Pump / Water tank 1 set

          - Electric Stove

          - Cooker Hood

          - Tree and Lawn

          - Air Condition and water heater Throughout the house

          - Free common fees for 1 years


   Type 2 house price with furniture (furnished, ready to be rented) plus free gifts as above and

Decorate the house with all electrical appliances. furniture facilities And the modern, modern, slider decoration is ready to support customers for renting it out.

Q: How long does it take to build? ? 
   A: The house takes about 8-10 months to build and can be rented out.

Q: Can the owner of the house stay by himself or not ? 
   A: The landlord can stay at any time without guests. We can lock the date of stay online. and when the owner of the house stays In the event that the owner of the house comes to stay and uses the cleaning service of the project, there will be a service fee of 1,400 baht per time.


Q: Regarding the transfer of ownership ? 
   A: In all ownership transfer fees that occur at the land, the buyer and the seller are half.
   * If it's cash.The project transfers ownership for free!all


Q: Do I have to pay business taxes? ? 
   A: Customers need to pay local maintenance taxes for the pool villa business, about 6,000 baht per year.

*** The information above, the company may change, cancel, amend without prior notice ***

If you have any further questions, you can contact us. We are happy to give advice. 
Tel. 083-3146233 Khun Am
Tel. 080-5803790 Khun Bank
Tel. 0894-9400490 Khun Pla


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